Land Trust

237 acres of land are reserved in a small town in Upstate New York for the recreational use of the community. The wooded environment not only provides a home to multi-use trails, but numerous hidden man-made treasures.

The goal of this rebrand was to attract more foot traffic to the Land Trust by illuminating the abundance of trails and hidden gems that await. The proposed marketing initiative focused on the Land Trust as the perfect stage for a scavenger hunt.

To extend awareness to the community who weren’t so inclined to hit the trails, the following ad campaign was proposed to promote conservation and engagement by “creating a relationship with nature.”


This Land Trust rebrand began by “blue-skying it” (pun intended) at the drawing board—visual identity and marketing strategy were all on the table. After informational and visual research, not shown here, the hands-on process kicked off with free association thinking.
Treasure” stuck out in the mind map: the Land Trust is a hidden gem of preserved land that many people in the local area don’t know about, and artisans will make ornaments that are hung on the trees throughout the trails.
Shown here is just a small sample of word associations and sketches.

The marketing initiative “Create a relationship with nature” was inspired by the homemade ornaments that visitors left behind on tree limbs at the Land Trust, and is a call to action inviting those who don’t get outdoors much to form a relationship with nature, no matter how active or passive.